About me...

I write, produce radio, and make music in New York City. Originally from Southwest Louisiana, I had the distinct pleasure of growing up in communities immersed in music, theatre, and art. By moving to New York City, I sought to expand my involvement through an even larger arts community than that of my hometown. Here, I've been able to interface with these practices as a writer, interviewer, and performer.

My work in writing includes commentary on musical genres and influences as well as interviews with leading creative voices including Tony-Nominee, Rachel Chavkin and winner of the Special Jury Award for Storytelling at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, Yance Ford. 

My work in radio involves all aspects of production including booking, scripting, and narrating. In addition to voicing my own pieces, I have been hired to provide voice-overs for radio pieces, including a documentary produced by the BBC. 

Outside of my work as a producer and writer, I am an active musician and have performed at National Sawdust, Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival, and The Jerome L. Greene Space.

To get a closer look at some of my work, explore the ‘audio’ and ‘writing’ sections of my website, and get in touch at hillarylb@gmail.com!